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name and writer unknown

typed by rebekah

"even though march started with 10 inches of snow on the ground, it seemed to float on in like a lamb. elliott smith played with the softies upstairs at the middle east on march 1, 1996. the show was so exciting and so much fun. . . . even though the music was pretty somber.

chihuahua: what's the tattoo on our hand of?

elliott smith: um . . . tonight it says candy man

c: oh, it's not a tattoo?

es: no.

c: it changes every night?

es: yeah.

c: mary lou Lord thinks that you're everything she thinks a songwriter should be. how does that make you feel?

es: ah . . . it makes me chuckle

c: you don't agree?

es: no, i mean . . . i don't know. it seems rather inflated to me.

c: are you on tour now?

es: yeah, i've been on tour for almost 4 weeks and i have a couple left.

c: do you like it?

es: i like playing, but i don't like driving for 8 hours a day and having my stomach be fucked up all the time and never being able to lie down anywhere. but i don't know. i like to play. i like playing shows.

c: what's happening with heatmiser?

es: we just finished a record and it's not coming out until august. so until then we're just kind of doing our own things.

c: and you just recorded with the spinanes, right?

es: yeah, well, i sang on a couple of songs. i just sort of turned up one day and did that.

c: was that kind of an exchange for st. ides heaven (song on elliott's kill rock stars cd) or did you just do it because you're pals?

es: it's just, we're pals, and when rebecca . . . she sang on st. ides heaven because we got together a few times and sort of taught each other a couple of songs. we were gonna play a couple of songs together and the song of hers that i learned was the first song on the record and then the other song i just sort of sang some sort of doo-wap background.

c: what's your clothing of choice?

es: well, right now it's mainly a white belt and well, i prefer to wear my hank williams jr. concert t-shirt.

c: you like him?

es: i like a few songs, but I'm more a fan of his . . . of senior. but i really like the t-shirt. it's one of those that's just the right . . . it's the right . . . the right . . .

c: the right fit?

es: the right fit yeah.

c: do you have any animals?

es: no, i'm not very good with animals.

c: you don't get along with them well?

es: no, i get along with them fine, but I had some bad pet experiences as a kid. like, one of my neighbors shot my cat for getting into his garbage. i went out to go to school and my cat was just all over the street.

c: pretty traumatizing, huh?

es: uh, sort of. and i had some parakeets and one of them died and i had some fish and they died and there was another cat that got crawled up inside a car and got chewed up when the started the car. so, i don't know. i'm not really much of a pet, or plant person.

c: do you have anything else solo coming out?

es: i'm gonna do another record when i get back from doing this tour.

c: for kill rock stars?

es: yeah, but it won't come out for several months.

c: on the spinanes record, it said elliott smith courtesy of virgin records. is that heatmiser?

es: yeah, that's heatmiser, but it's sort of polite of me to say that. it's just a nice gesture.

c: have you seen anything exciting in boston or did you just come to play?

es: i just woke up about an hour before the show started, but i've spent some time here before. i used to live in northampton a long time ago.

c: where do you live now?

es: i live in portland, oregon. but i like boston. i've seen some things here before that i liked."