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March 6, 1995 Bottom of the Hill- San Francisco, CA


  • Needle in the Hay
  • Condor Ave.
  • Clementine
  • (unknown)
  • St. Ides Heaven
  • Big Decision
  • Last Call
  • Biggest Lie
  • No Name #4


  • Slightly below average recording.
  • Approximate running time: 40 minutes
  • This show has been mislabeled as 3-1-95.
  • "No Confidence Man" and "Some Song" were played, but were not taped. The taper was there to record Mary Lou Lord, and was so blown away by Elliott's first 2 songs, that he decided to tape him as well.
  • The unknown track contains the lyrics "..there's a riot coming.." I have included a RealAudio file of the song.