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March 31, 1997 First Avenue- Fargo, ND


  • Division Day
  • Angeles
  • Between the Bars
  • Alameda
  • Needle In the Hay
  • Southern Belle
  • Say Yes
  • Bled White
  • Waterloo Sunset
  • They'll Never Take Her Love From Me
  • Some Song
  • Clementine
  • Biggest Lie


  • Video show, filmed straight on with a tripod and no zoom. kinda distant.
  • Approximate running time: 45 minutes
  • "Alameda" and "Needle in the Hay" were attempted but aborted.
  • "Waterloo Sunset" is a cover originally performed by The Kinks. It was written by Ray Davies and appears on numerous Kinks albums.
  • "They'll Never Take Her Love From Me" is cover originally performed by Hank Williams. I suppose this is around the time that Elliott broke up with his girlfriend. There was some sort of comment made about it before he played it. I will post the soundfile for this song eventually.