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March 30, 1996 Westbeth Theatre- New York, NY


  • Cupid's Trick
  • Speed Trials
  • See You Later
  • Bottle Up and Explode!
  • Angeles
  • Punch and Judy
  • Thirteen
  • Needle In The Hay
  • Some Song


  • Above average quailty
  • Approximate running time: 45 minutes
  • "See You Later" is a Heatmiser (Elliott's old band) song that appeared on Heatmiser's 1994 record "Mic City Sons"
  • "Thirteen" is a Big Star cover written by Chris Bell and Alex Chilton. Original version appears on Big Stars' "#1 Record".
  • This is the first known live version of "Bottle Up and Explode!" which was unreleased until 1998. I have included a RealAudio file.