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March 23, 1998 Shrine Auditorium- Los Angeles, CA


  • Miss Misery


  • Yes yes....the infamous Oscars! Although Elliott didn't win, he WOWed the world with his "Miss Misery". He performed between Trisha Yearwood and Celine Dion. Madonna had the honor of introducing the nominees and appeared to many people to be pulling for Elliott. Did anyone catch her roll her eyes as she announce Celine?
  • Approximate running time: 3 - 7 minutes. (according to what you recorded)
  • "Miss Misery" s missing a verse...i suppose it is due to Celine Dion playing her full version of else's Titanic song. Funny how they will try to save time on the songs when the overall awards show last over 4 hours...
  • Click on links to see pictures of the performance
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