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February 22, 1999 End Session- Seattle, WA


  • Tom's Start
  • Son of Sam
  • Baby Britain
  • Everything Reminds Me of Her
  • Rose Parade
  • Waltz #2 (xo)


  • excellent quality, taken from the radio and recorded in a studio.
  • Approximate running time: 25 minutes.
  • Recorded Feb. 22nd 1999 and broadcasted later on.
  • Endsession was recorded in a studio that was not disclosed to fans and the only about 30 people got to watch elliott play in they were lucky to win tickets through the radion station (107.7)
  • One of the first appearance of two new songs "Son of Sam" and "Everything Reminds Me of Her" to public.
  • Has an annoying Endsession plug between the songs